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NFT Art Museum. 
Casting to Your Home.

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For Consumers

For Consumers


The future of digital art is here. Now, everyone can get in on the NFT Art Revolution. No crypto, $$ or technical expertise required to get started!

your very own Digital museum

Access legendary artists straight from your mobile device. Curate your own Virtual Collection of pieces from our NFT Museum Vault.

Cast to your smart tv

Display your NFT Collection at home. With the push of a button, cast your favorite artworks straight from the app to your SmartTV. NFTs are cast in their highest available quality, often in 4K. 

just the beginning...

Artist collaborations, community drops and in-app NFT ownership (for specific NFTs) are all coming soon. 

Get the app and start collecting NFTs today!

For Artists

For Artists

museum collection

We are actively acquiring artworks from top tier NFT Artists to include in the  NFT500 Museum. We've collected over 250 works in the past eight months alone. 


By providing public access to the NFT500 Museum and enabling these works  to be cast via our mobile app, we will broaden the universe of collectors exposed to your work. We are leading the way in getting NFT Art into people's living rooms.


As we build a large audience of future collectors through exposure to NFT500, we hope to collaborate with you directly on future drops to our users (on a fully negotiated, and commercial basis). 

Just the beginning...

As artists and collectors ourselves, our vision is to build NFT500 into an equitable, sustainable, and creative community for both artists and collectors alike. We seek to enhance the future of NFT Art during these most exciting times!



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